Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Please do come to class today and take Workshop 2 seriously

A heartful concern shared with you all today: 

I am very worried that some folks think it is simply okay to miss classes before your Workshop project. It gives the impression that you are not taking this class as seriously as others when you do this.

Even though you need to have the option to not attend and just be filled in and no points are taken off for emergencies and other proper concerns, that definitely does not mean that not being in class will not affect your ability to do a good job in Workshop 2 for either the best or worst of reasons. You need to take that issue seriously too. Missing is not "free" in some odd way.

Ask yourself honestly too if you are only motivated by points and grades, or if you also have internal motivations that include valuing how to engage issues of social justice, the joyful work of theory and feminist action, and commitments to your book circle, your class partner/s, and to our group as an intellectual community.

Please don't be the sort of student only motivated by rewards and punishments: find other motivations that matter! This is the heart of education at its best, and of caring concern for others too.